OSA Decentralized

OSA Decentralized


By using OSA DC, consumers will provide a wealth of data while being rewarded for these contributions in the platform’s native token.

Consumers will enrich OSA's AI data model by providing relevant product information and purchasing trends.

In turn, the AI will analyze this data so that manufacturers and retailers can effectively cooperate to optimize their business strategies. Smart contracts will keep data providers honest and consumer interests protected, as a unique set of KPIs, product ratings, and rewards will be stored and verifiable on the blockchain.

Make sure to register with the same e-mail address of Earndrop on the OSA dashboard here.
OSA Decentralized's earndrop rules
By joining this campaign, you agree to:
  • Register on the OSA dashboard at http://bit.ly/2kdZDT6
  • Go through KYC in the OSA dashboard
  • Set your wallet address on your profile
  • Not enter double/erroneous entries
  • Receive information and promotional items by email
  • Remain on email list/subscribed channels to remain eligible
OSA Decentralized's earndrop details
Go to https://osadc.io/en/earndrop/ and learn how to receive more rewards!

Contribute to OSA DC platform by posting photos of your favorite consumer product and sharing the good/bad experience you have while shopping in your local grocery/supermarket/

OSA wants to know where you shop, when you shop, what do you buy and what do you love or hate.

OSA is building the largest and strongest community of smart consumers in the world. Who influences your choice? why are you switching between brands ?

Contribute with your activity and get rewarded!

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