CryptoBenelux originally started November 2017 as a Facebook Community. This community grew to 1000+ members in a short amount of time, the potential and interest in CryptoBenelux was recognized. As a result, the founders moved to expand their community to reach a larger community. Thus they launched a Telegram Channel, Twitter page, YouTube Channel, WhatsApp group, Medium account and are currently working on creating their own website. Their community has now grown to over 3.500 members and growing. Based in the Netherlands, CryptoBenelux is determined to penetrate the Dutch speaking part of the Benelux with a goal to promote adoption and educate on all things blockchain.

HappyMod is a growing company within the blockchain sphere that works hard and is eager to create, develop, market and sustain products and projects to increase world adoption of the blockchain technology. HappyMod believes that building a blockchain foundation is going to change the society we live in and will play a huge role in the future of technology. By helping to build this foundation HappyMod aims to become one of the leading companies that work with blockchain technology to create a better world. Our vision is focussed on teaching, supporting and simplify the use of cryptocurrency to evolve into mass adoption.